I'm Mel, the hands behind the ceramics you see at Clay Beehive

So why clay? Well the short answer, it has magical powers and you can make cool stuff with it! In all honesty I can't articulate why, it's more a feeling, clay has given me so much, a purpose, renewed energy, an ability to let go of expectations and finding joy in the process, the journey, the little moments, the connections.

I especially love making functional pieces for the table, it's so humbling to see my pieces being used and cherished in peoples everyday lives, whether it's a simple bowl filled with warm porridge, a beautiful platter bursting with fresh seafood for a family celebration, or a single flower stem picked from the garden and sitting pretty in a little bud vase.

A little bit about me

Located in Australia, in the beautiful North-East Victoria with my husband and our two dogs. We live on small acreage, with a large garden full of herbs and flowers, close to a river we look out onto magnificent hundred year old river red gums that attracts an amazing array of wildlife to our garden.

My studio is located in the back garden, converted from a garage it's now a wonderful working space, I often have the roller door up as i love to have the fresh air and light streaming in, along with the birds singing me a tune.
I stumbled into ceramics rather late, never having touched clay prior, I signed up for a night class at my local studio with the most wonderful lady and fell in love almost instantly, I remember picking up my first ever glazed pieces and being amazed and in awe at the whole process, not too long after I started making from home.

When I'm not in the studio, you'll find me in the garden often with my camera close-by stalking bees, yes that's how the name "Clay Beehive" evolved, my love for these little critters is fierce, I feel I can relate to them in a way, for their never ending movement, their love of flowers.
I love being in nature and find it to be my biggest source of inspiration when creating my pieces, the landscape, the rivers, the trees, the sky, the textures, the colours are all reflected in my ceramics.

I'm also an avid photographer and love telling stories with my images, all the photos you see here are captured by me.

Thank you for visiting and reading my story, I hope you enjoy my ceramics as much as I love creating them for you.

x Mel


mel Eliades the maker behind clay beehive