Clay Beehive is an Australian
Ceramic Studio

Focusing on functional wares, crafted by hand, in limited
"Core Collections" and exclusive "One off Designs"

Rustic & Organic
Elegant & Delicate

It's the little details

"Black Magic"

The allure of black is undeniable, every piece in this collection has a dark black/charcoal glaze that has a beautiful soft satin finish or a raw grittiness dependent on the clay body beneath, watch your food come to life as it pops against these dark beauties.

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White on White

It's an absolute classic, never dates and goes with absolutely everything. This collection consists of varying shades of white and textures to add interest and freshness to any setting.

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Rustic Goodness

Gritty and textural, raw and rustic, this collection is earthy and organic with neutral tones and colours of brown, black, grey and white and natural clay body shining thru.

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