Items that are in stock and ready to ship are posted out twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays using Australia Post so domestic orders can generally take anywhere between 2 to 8 days dependent on where you are located in Australia, (rural areas may be even longer) if you include your mobile no in the purchase process at checkout you will receive an sms alert when your item has shipped and track your delivery.

Express Post can also be arranged at the checkout if your require your pieces within two days.

Once an item has been delivered to its address, you are responsible for it.

All orders have the option of "Signature on delivery" if this is not selected Clay Beehive is not responsible for stolen parcels.

It's your responsibility to be at your address to receive your package, I am not liable for additional shipping costs if your parcel is returned and needs to be resent.

All items can be tracked and traced, if your item has not appeared within a reasonable time frame (as listed above) please get in contact and I will trace it for you, adding your mobile number at checkout will allow you to receive sms tracking.

Checkout is set up for purchases and shipping to the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and Singapore.
Please be aware Parcels weighing 2kg and over must include Signature on Delivery at checkout.
Checkout will display prices in AU dollars.

Clay beehive has shipped wares to many destinations around the globe, however there are some Countries it will not ship to, please get in contact directly if your country is not listed above.

While the currency converter included on the home page will change the price displayed to customers based on their selection, once the checkout process begins, prices will revert back to the $Australian Dollar so you need to check the conversion of shipping costs for yourself.

The shipping quote provided does not include any Import duties and taxes that may be charged on the receiving end by your country's customs department.  These fees are the customers responsibility, not that of Clay Beehive.

Currently still using bubble-wrap (recycled when I can) along with recycled boxes where possible.

I'm currently investigating other more eco friendly options but in the meantime its a priority to get your pieces to you safely.

Custom Orders

Yes I do. I love to make special pieces for my customers but this is not always possible due to time constraints. Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs and my current workload.

I aim to have a selection of pieces that are made to order via the website, please stay tuned as I finalize details on these Collections.

The ceramic making process is not to be rushed, it takes time, the weather can be a factor in the drying times and particular clays can take much longer to dry than others.

Once dry they are then ready for their first "bisque firing" to 1000 degrees, once the kiln has cooled down, they are ready to be sanded and for any surface decorations/glazes to be applied,  now ready for their "glaze firing" anywhere from 1200 degrees to 1280 degrees is what I fire to, this can then take three days before I can open the kiln (this time is different for every kiln due to size/kiln load and type of kiln). Then there is sometimes a final third firing for any Lustres gold/silver/decal decorations.

I hope this gives you a bit of an idea of the process involved. I personally work in monthly cycles, generally two weeks of making, one week for glazing and one week for admin/studio jobs and then marketing/photography, I'm often slotting in custom orders here and there but it doesn't always work out hence some orders take longer for my customers to receive as they just missed my making days and have to wait until the following making cycle.

Orders required for a special gift/event please try and get in touch well in advance, creating ceramics is not always a smooth process a lot can and does go wrong, so extra time to complete an order stress free is best for everyone.

Second Chance

Second chance is where ceramics that are fully functional but don't quite meet the first grade due to defects in a glaze, shape of pot (warped rim or bottom) along with pieces made as samples for glaze testing.

All offered at a discount and still gorgeous in their own unique way.


I am in the process of finalizing some select pieces I will be making for wholesale customers.

I don't have a large capacity for wholesale at this time but will be open to select physical businesses that are a good fit for Clay Beehive in the future. I appreciate it's valuable for customers to view and hold a ceramic piece in person prior to purchasing.

Returns Policy

All sales are final, they won't be refunded for change of mind, all pieces have been made by hand, hence will have some quirks in colour variations and sizes not being exact due to their uneven nature, please respect this. I take care to photograph my product photography as true to colour of the pieces as possible, I do not apply filters to these images.

If for some reason you are not happy please get in touch so we can talk about it together, it is of upmost importance my customers are happy with their pieces.

Please get in contact within 2 days of receiving your item. Refunds/replacements will be decided on an individual case by case basis.  I require you to email me a photo of the damaged piece in its packaging. We will discuss your options of either organising a replacement to be sent out to you if it's in stock or allow a number of weeks for a replacement to be made and sent out to you. If I can't replace the piece, due to its one-off nature I will refund you the purchase price of the piece minus the shipping costs.

All samples and seconds will not be replaced, instead if appropriate, will receive a refund minus the shipping costs.

International orders will receive a refund on the piece(s) damaged, where appropriate (minus the shipping costs) with no option of a replacement in this transaction.

Ceramic Care

Hand-crafted Ceramics enjoy a little extra care and love to keep them looking beautiful, most pieces are dishwasher safe though I recommend washing by hand in warm soapy water with a non-abrasive cloth to keep them in perfect condition.

Rinse your pieces as soon as possible to prevent any staining, ingredients such as beetroot and turmeric can be hard to remove if left to sit overnight.

All pieces are microwave safe, EXCEPT anything with any Lustre (gold/silver/platinum) can NOT be microwaved.

Thermal shock occurs with ceramics pieces that have been placed straight into a hot oven and then transferred to a cold surface or from a freezer to a hot environment such as an oven.

To use pieces in the oven safely you should not pre-heat your oven instead place your dish in the oven cold and gradually heat it up, this will prevent any cracking problems.

All glazes used are food safe and do not contain any lead.

Pieces that have been left raw have been coated with a special food safe product called "Liquid Quartz" this creates a special layer which seals the clays surface and also prevents any staining. It's still recommended that pieces are rinsed as soon as possible.