White Flower Bells


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White Flower Bells

The sweetest little bells, hand formed with a lovely white textured clay body, they are each unique in size and shape, no two alike, if you hang them upside down you can see the form is that of a flower, every little textured mark resembles a petal, they each have a little stalk that contains little holes to thread thru the wire loop handle from which you can hang your little bell, the ringer has a sweet little shape reminiscent of a fleur de lys symbol, it is hanging from some cotton string attached to the bell form.

The exterior of each bell is glazed in a satin white, the interiors along with the little ringers are left un-glazed.

Each bell has its own unique beautiful sound.

Largest Bells measure approximately: 8cm wide  x 6cm tall (not including metal handle)
Smaller Bells measure approximately: 6cm wide x 4cm tall (not including metal handle)