Rustic yunomi style tea cups


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Rustic - organic - uniquely old world style hand made cups perfect for tea and coffee drinkers that love a little texture beneath their hands.

These cups are completely one of a kind, each piece has been hand made with a dark stoneware clay body, they are then hand carved using a variety of strokes to bring the cup to life, every carving is intentional and considered to give a nice feel when you hold them and drink from them.

They have a lovely shape with a soft organic shaped rim and sit beautifully on the table, the foot has been formed and trimmed on the potters wheel.

They have been glazed in a soft satin/matte white with the dark clay body beneath giving warmth to the glaze, random speckles from the clay body peek thru. The exteriors are all uniquely different depending on the thickness of glaze applied you can find warm greys from light to dark, along with little flecks of black giving an old world aged wabi sabi feel.

Measuring approximately:
Each cup comfortably holds 250mls of liquid.
8-8.5cm Tall x 9.5-10cm wide at rim.

* A couple have a slight discount as a result of the bases not having a seamless transition from the walls to the base, (just being fussy-still perfectly gorgeous).