Polka Dot Planters - Med Size


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Polka Dot Planters - with character and style!

Handmade planter pots with a unique distinct style - formed out of a lovely lightly speckled clay body.

The lovely Blue and White scalloped rim planter is WITHOUT a drainage hole, it has been decorated with polka dots allowing the raw clay body to show, the remainder of the pot is a soft wash of blue with a brushed application, the inside of the planter is a satin white finish.The base is un glazed and sanded.

Measuring approximately: 10.5cm tall x 14cm wide

The other two planters  have been give little feet giving them a whole lot of personality.
They both HAVE drainage holes, so can be planted directly into the pot if this suits you. These two have been decorated with a polka dot that allows the clay body colour and texture to show thru and contrasts nicely against the grey/brown brushstrokes finished with a satin white glaze inside and out. The bases of these are also glazed.

Measuring approximately:
Extra Large Polka Dots : 13cm tall (10.5cm without feet) x 14cm wide
Large Polka Dots: 11.5cm tall (10cm without feet) x 14cm wide