Extra Deep Rustic Polka Dot Baking Dish with Handles


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Beautifully rustic handled baking dishes with polka dots.

Both pieces have been hand formed with a gritty rustic clay body that when glazed lots of beautiful speckles shine thru in the glaze especially with white.

The top piece is glazed with a darker grey/black spot and the outside is a cross hatch design. It has large easy to grip spot handles.

The bottom piece is a soft grey large spot and lines and outer top scallop design. It has easy to grip handles with a trio of cut out circles.

Both have been glazed with a satin white finish inside and the outer including the handles. The bases have been sanded back and have been left bare.

These baking dishes are oven safe provided they are placed into a COLD NON PREHEATED oven to avoid thermal shock.

These dishes/bowls are also intended to be used as a deep serving dish, think curries, pasta, salads and would also look spectacular as a feature fruit bowl.

Measuring approximately: 29cm wide including handles or 22.5-23cm interior x 7cm depth.