Rustic patterned rectangle plates


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Rustic patterned rectangle plates.

These hand crafted plates have been created with a mixture of a gritty and dark stoneware clay body, they have been decorated with various patterns in blue and grey and covered with a satin white glaze. The rims of each piece have been left without glazing on the edges which makes for a lovely earthy contrast with the glazed clay. 

The gritty pieces have a speckle appearing throughout the glaze the stoneware clay body has very minimal speckles. 

The bases of all pieces have been left bare and sanded.

These pieces are very versatile and would fit in many different interiors, they have a minimal yet wabi sabi style feel and look and would also suit a beach house interior.

Perfect for serving food, used as trays to hold treasures/product, would make a beautiful gift for someone special that loves something unique and one of a kind. 

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