Rustic rectangular patterned platter with round curves


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A beautifully rustic piece with lovely curves and rounded shape, round handles have been cut out for easy gripping.

Decorated with fluid patterns including lines and dots, it's been glazed with a white and black glaze (which when combined give a lovely gray effect)

This piece was hand made with a gritty brown clay body its heavily speckled.
The base has been sanded back and left bare.

*Oven safe provided the piece is put into a cold oven and allowed to heat up (straight into a hot oven could cause thermal shock and could cause it to crack).

Would be perfect to use to serve food or as a tray to hold any manner of beautiful things.

*Please note the pears are not fully grown, they are small not yet developed so don't use this as a guide for size.

Measuring approximately: 28.5cm long x 16.5cm wide x 2.5-4.5 cm deep.