Rustic Patterned ceramic Platter / box with cut out handles


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A large platter / box with cut out handles. This character filled rustic ceramic piece has been hand crafted out of a very gritty clay body, lots of speckles shine thru the glaze.

Decorated with a variety of patterns from lines, crosses and dots, it's been glazed with a white and black glaze both in a matte/satin finish.

The design is rectangular and has a slight curve outwards, the top side panels are slightly wavy.

The base has been sanded back and left bare.

This stand out piece has so many uses from filling with cooked food (can also be placed in a non preheated oven to avoid thermal shock) used as a fruit bowl, display box, holding little plant pots, the list is endless.

*Please note the pears are not fully grown, they are small not yet developed so don't use this as a guide for size.

Measuring approximately: 32cm long x 17cm wide x 5cm deep.