Rustic decorative bells with a gorgeous ringing sound (Group Three Large Rustic)


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Beautiful rustic Bells with a gorgeous ringing sound.

Hand formed from a gorgeous gritty rustic clay body this clay is full of iron giving the lovely little speckles throughout, the rims have a sweet scallop detail.

The Bells are decorated with a variety of patterns in a grey/black colour and all over satin white, the sweet carvings allow the glaze to break over and reveal the lovely earthy clay beneath.

They have been strung up with a hemp cord and each have a sweet little hand formed ringer to give a lovely chiming sound.

Each bells measurements are slightly different.
Measuring approximately: 8.5-9cm wide x 6.5cm high

Would be charming hanging at your homes entrance to welcome guests, I have a collection hanging inside via my windows, they give a beautiful sound when the wind blows thru the open windows. They can also be hung on a Christmas tree, just add an extra knot thru the cord to make it a little shorter.

(They can be hung outside the ceramic is pretty durable (unless you are in a climate that has extreme frosts and snow) the cord is organic, so will eventually deteriorate in the elements, so I prefer to hang mine undercover or inside that way they last forever.

Such a wonderful unique Christmas Gift idea.