Rustic colanders perfect for berries/grapes/small tomatoes & herbs


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Rustic colanders/berry bowls made with gritty brown clay body and glazed in a selection of satin white glaze and satin white + grey glazes, heavy speckle shines thru in all pieces.

I have one on my counter top and love to use it for holding and cleaning cherry tomatoes, sometimes they hold garlic or ginger, or to wash strawberries and blueberries.

Larger darker colour : 20.5cm inc handles exterior/16cm interior/ height 8.5cm inc feet and 5cm interior.  These hold around 3 cups of dry white rice.

Larger White glaze: 20cm inc handles/ 16cm interior/ 7.5cm height exterior/ 6cm depth interior. These hold around 3 cups of dry white rice.

Smaller x 2 Darker rim white glaze: 16cm w handles/ 13cm without/ 4.5cm interior/5.5cm with feet.  These hold around 1.5 cups of blueberries comfortably.

Smaller x 1 White glaze  15cm with handles/ 13cm interior 5cm exterior inc feet/ 3.5cm interior. These hold 1 + 1/4  cups of blueberries.