Rustic drippy low wide bowl / leopard spot plate


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Both of these pieces have been hand formed with a gritty speckle clay body.

Top piece is a low wide bowl with a cookie cutter rim detail it has been decorated with black and greys and then covered in a satin white glaze finish, the surface has a lovely gritty texture, the glaze has been allowed to drip along the outer rim, the clay body is visible and the base has been left un glazed.

The bottom piece is a shallow bowl or a plate with a curved up rim. It has been decorated to give a mottled leopard spot effect and interesting colour and textures, it's a mixture of greys, white and some brown from the clay body shining thru, the glaze drips along the outer edges and the bottom has been left un glazed.

Measuring approximately:
Top 23cm x 3.5-4cm deep
Bottom 22.5cm x 2-2.5cm deep