"Princess Muslin White" Platter with one handle


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"Princess Muslin White" gorgeous, girly, fresh and feminine.

Imprinted with muslin cloth and hand formed using a sandy white clay body, the texture from the cloth is highly visible along the unglazed frilly edges, the inside of this piece is glazed in a durable satin white glaze and allowed to drip along the edges of this unique shaped platter. Underside is un glazed.

The Un glazed surfaces have been coated in a special food safe sealant called liquid quartz this allows food/sauces to make contact with the surface and not stain it. (It's still recommended to wash the surface after use as soon as possible rather than let sit over night).

Cherries sitting on top of platter are almost black! would look amazing filled with delicious pretty cakes or fruit.

Measuring approximately: 31cm length inc handle x 24.5cm wide.