Orchid Planter Pots


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Beautiful decorative and functional planter pots to house plants such as orchids, Moth (Phalaenopsis spp) that enjoy good airflow and drainage with the little ventilation holes.

Handmade on the pottery wheel using a beautiful sandy speckled clay body, the pots are then carved giving a beautiful texture and little holes have been added to allow good air flow for the roots that orchids particularly enjoy.

The two larger pots have been created to have a plastic orchid pot inserted inside as these don't include a bottom drainage hole.

The smaller footed pot does have a drainage hole and is designed for the orchid plant to be potted straight into.

All planters have been decorated in a satin white finish with a little of the clay body shining thru. The bases are un glazed on the larger two and the little ones feet are not glazed.

These pots could also be used in your kitchen to house garlic, turmeric, ginger or even potpourri, the smallest would also work well as a berry bowl.

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