Little Country Farmhouse Pourers


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Ceramic creamers/pourers/jugs whatever you want to call them they are cute and convenient, they fit beautifully in the hand and are great to use for adding milk to your tea or coffee, perfect for holding warm chocolate to drizzle on a cake,  or my personal favorite salted caramel to drizzle over everything.

They have the capacity to hold 240 mls of liquid.
Each measures approximately 9-9.5cm Tall x 8-8.5cm wide.

When not being used in the kitchen they are handy for holding a few sprigs of freshly snipped herbs from the garden.

Each is unique with its own character and carvings these cuties have been hand formed out of a softly flecked white clay and finished with a Navy/white satin glaze or soft pink/white satin glaze, the lower 0.5cm of the jugs have been left un glazed showing off the raw clay body, the bases are also un glazed.

*Seconds have been discounted due to being a little out of shape and not pouring without a little dribble. (Perfect to hold some flowers)