Large Mermaid Vase with deeply carved scallop rim - 25cm Tall


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Large Blue and white patterned sculptural vase with scallop rim 

This sculptural vase was hand crafted using a white sandy textured clay body.
The shape of the rim is deeply lobed and carved with inspiration being taken from a protea plants leaves. The body has been decorated in a deep blue and decorated using a technique called sgraffito carving thru the colour to reveal the clay body beneath, in this case the design is representing beautiful scales seen on a fish, hence the name of mermaid vase. 

This vase easily holds a bouquet of flowers, the deeply lobed rim is perfect for holding flowers and prevents them from flopping, this piece would also be lovely to hold long handled spoons and cooking utensils by your stovetop.  

Measuring approximately: 25cm tall x 10cm wide at base, 12cm wide at top rim.