Large Poppy Pod rustic speckled vase


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A large nature inspired poppy pod shaped vase / vessel in satin white speckle.

Handmade from a beautiful rustic gritty clay body, this piece was inspired from nature in the form of a poppy pod seed head (just as gorgeous as the flower itself).

Formed from a slab of clay the pod is cut out and then smoothed over and pinched into shape, the rim has little scallop shaped detail. The beauty of this vessel is it lends itself to beautiful floral arrangements as the cage acts as a support to hold wayward stems in place.

The base has been left un glazed and sanded.

The interior is fully glazed making it watertight and perfect for fresh flowers or equally gorgeous with dried pods or just as an architectural statement piece.

Measuring approximately: 25.5cm tall x 16cm wide at the top cage area.