Kurinuki Dish chalky white/fawn


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Carved out of a single piece of clay (known as Kurinuki a Japanese method) this is a very time consuming technique but highly rewarding, the final result is beautifully rustic and has a primitive feel to it.

This piece was created from a warm brown clay body and glazed in a white glaze, resulting in a chalky mottled white effect and some apricot (not visible in image) flushing on the insides, its very pretty on closer inspection. Underside has been left bare.

This piece would be perfect to keep precious little collected treasures or to serve a variety of salts/pepper/condiments/oils to serve directly from the table.

Measuring approximately:
15cm long x 13.5cm wide x 4cm deep
Longest 11.5cm long x 3.5cm wide x 3cm deep
Shorter two: 8.5cm wide x 5.5cm long x 3cm deep expect slight variations.