French Butter Bell - Rustic Style (Holds 250g stick of butter)


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French style rustic butter bells / keepers / dish

Designed to be kept on the kitchen bench out of the fridge so you have beautiful fresh soft spreadable butter on hand at all times.

Handmade from a beautiful rustic gritty clay body. They are then decorated with a grey/black pattern and satin white glaze where the lovely speckle shines thru. The bases are sanded and un-glazed.

Measuring approximately:
13cm wide at lid x 7.5cm height exterior
These particular bells hold 250g stick of butter.
*There is another listing with these same rustic bells holding 200g stick of butter.

How do the butter bells work?

These butter bells are based on an old fashioned technique that has worked for centuries and was likely born out of necessity of not having access to refrigeration and preventing the butter from spoiling and going rancid.

Water is used to create an airtight seal, such a simple concept that works very well.

These butter bells have two parts. The base (exterior) and the lid with the (interior) attached.

Lift the lid and you can then insert the butter into the insert, pack it in really well.
The base is where you pour in a small amount of water around 1cm depth.
*You'll know you have enough water in there as when you insert the lid and then lift it up you should see the rim is a little wet and it's therefore able to create an airtight seal.

You can change the water every few days to keep it fresh.

*If you live in a very hot climate you may find the butter will slide out of the insert and into the water, just press it back into the insert and place it into the fridge for those hottest days.