Cutout circles vase in Large (Satin White Sandy) 25.5cm Tall


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Cutout Circles Vase - Large 25.5cm Tall

A beautiful statement vase - handmade with a gorgeous sandy white clay body.

Large cutout circles have been cut out along the top third of the tall vase, giving a lovely unique detail that shows off the stems of flowers and foliage and also looks fantastic as a kitchen utensil holder or simply as a decorative item without any foliage.

So sweet when decorating with a bunch of flowers, single stems can be weaved in and out of the cutouts making for a gorgeous display. Nice and sturdy would hold branches well.

Decorated with a smooth satin white glaze over the cutouts the bottom half has been left bare and un-glazed showing off a gorgeous sandy white textured clay. The underside has been left bare and sanded.

Measuring approximately:

24.5cm tall x 9cm wide

Would easily fit a bunch of flowers, some long stemmed roses, peonies, dahlias, native Australian flowers would all be fabulous.