Sculptural quirky cutout circle footed vase in Extra large (Rustic White speckled) 24cm Tall


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Intricate cutout Circles Vase - Extra Large 24cm Tall

A beautiful statement vase - perfect for those seeking something totally unique and love quirky designs, handmade with a gorgeous rustic speckled clay body.

An intricate circle pattern has been cut out along the top of the tall vase, giving a lovely unique detail that shows off the stems of flowers and foliage. The base has also been cutout in a unique pattern, giving a wonderful sculptural feel to this statement piece.

Decorated with a dry satin white glaze that allows the lovely speckles of the clay body to shine thru. The underside has been left bare and sanded.

Measuring approximately:

24cm tall x 9cm wide entire piece (the inside area that holds flowers is 13cm deep.

Holds a bunch of flowers or alternatively left without anything as it's a statement piece on its own.