Chubby Bud vases with feet and ears


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The cutest little vases, full of personality and whimsy, created to bring joy and fun to your space, pop in a single stemmed flower (they are fully watertight) or just enjoy without.

They are created on the potters wheel and then each "Chubby" (nicknamed after their rather cute round bellies) is brought to life with the addition of legs and ears and the addition of carvings and Navy blue markings.

No two are alike! the beauty of handmade. These vases are perfect as a gift to a special friend or loved one or perhaps for yourself, they are guaranteed to bring a smile to all that see them.

They vary slightly from each other. Approximately: 8.5-9cm tall x 8cm wide

Each piece has been glazed in satin white and Navy Blue the undersides of the feet have been left bare and sanded smooth.