Ceramic Daisy Flower Vases - In White & Blue and White


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Ceramic Daisy Flower Vases - In White &  Blue and White

These sweet little vases are full of charm and whimsy, they are hand formed out of a beautiful rustic white clay body into a narrow thin form and have been given a little cross handle on one side, Included are a pair of sweet little wired paper daisies, threaded thru the handle. The insides and outsides have been glazed with a satin white finish, three of the vases have also been decorated with a watercolour effect glaze technique on the outside. They are fully water tight and can hold a freshly picked stem or small bunch of flowers from the garden.

These are intended to look beautiful either with or without flowers, a special little sculptural piece, totally unique and one of a kind, I hope they bring joy to your space.

Perfect as a vessel to hold pencils/paintbrushes along with flowers.

*The wires attached to the flowers are copper which has been treated to look aged and so over time you may see a little of the copper colour reveal itself.

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