Blue and white Jewellery / treasure / salt-spice box


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The sweetest little set of handmade jewellery vessels.

These sweet lidded vessels were each created on the potters wheel, they have each been decorated in a soft blue, a pattern created and then glazed over in a soft satin white finish. The lids open to reveal an interior that has been glazed in a satin white finish, the interior lid is left unglazed, as are the bases.

Perfect to hold special treasures, especially jewellery but would also work as a covered salt/spice pot to keep out on the table.

Measuring approximately:

Left: 9cm wide x 6cm Tall x 3cm deep
Middle: 7cm wide x 8cm tall x 4.5cm deep
Right: 8cm wide x 5.5cm tall x 2.5cm deep