"Princess Muslin White"


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Making it's debut appearance meet the "Princess Muslin White" these pieces are so gorgeous, girly, fresh and feminine.

Each piece individually imprinted with muslin cloth and hand formed using a sandy white clay body, the texture from the cloth is highly visible along the unglazed frilly edges, the centre of each piece is glazed in a durable satin white glaze and allowed to drip along the edges of the pieces. Underside is un glazed.

Un glazed surfaces have been coated in a special food safe sealant called liquid quartz this allows food/sauces to make contact with the surface and not stain it. (It's still recommended to wash the surface after use as soon as possible rather than let sit over night).

*Little mark pictured on base of bowl is purely cosmetic.

There is a platter from this "Princess Muslin White" collection in another separate listing.

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