Sculptural "Swan" vases


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"Swans" - Sculptural bud vases

These beautifully unique vases are handmade using a beautiful dark stoneware clay body. Formed into a pod shape, they each have a foot to lift them from the table, they have a long elongated and sturdy neck to hold a thick stemmed branch, it has been placed to the side of the body allowing for the added curvy wings to sit alongside and offer a nice sense of proportion, they give the pots character and remind me of wings, hence the name "Swans"

Decorated with a textured dash line pattern, that's been filled with a dark navy blue colour and then glazed over with a satin white finish.

The insides are also glazed and therefore fully watertight and functional to hold foliage or large stems due to the long necks.

Measuring approximately:

15.5cm-16cm Tall x 11.5cm-12cm wide.

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