Blue + White + Pink/Yellow Butterflies


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Blue + White + Pink/Yellow Butterflies

If you love nature and Butterflies you'll LOVE these beauties.

Lots of love and attention has been poured into these beauties, they have been created  with a white rustic clay body, some have a carved texture and others have been textured with a beautiful muslin fabric, each decorated a little different, some blues, white and pink/yellow glazing.

They have little holes in the centre from which a wire can be threaded thru, this can then be attached to a thin stake to display in pot plants or a vase, they can be attached to the wall with the wire fitted to a hook or like I have done you can purchase gorilla grip double sided tape to attach directly to your wall. You could also add these to some fairy lights I think this would be magical.

Other coloured butterflies are available in separate listings including rustic black and white/brown shades.

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