Blue and White patterned Cake Stands


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Blue and white patterned Cake Stands

Handmade with a mixture of sandy textured and smooth white clay bodies, each stand is created from two pieces.

The blue patterned group have a flat edged finish plate and decorated with spots of various sizes and one is a tartan pattern, each is finished in a satin white. The bases are each carved with an individual pattern and glazed in satin white, apart from one that is blue and white.

The two white stands have a scalloped shaped rim, one is upturned slightly the other is flat,their interiors are finished in a satin white glaze, they each have a white base that is carved and has been left bare to accentuate the beautiful clay body.

These stands are perfect for holding small cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, or even as a little plant stand. I love popping succulents and cactus pots on them too.

Absolutely perfect for product and lifestyle photography, everything looks more beautiful on a sweet little pedestal stand.

* All stands (apart from the first stand) are being offered at a discounted price as they have a very slight wobble, they are still perfectly functional.

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