Rustic Farmhouse Jugs with wired ceramic handles


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Large Farmhouse Rustic jug with wire ceramic handles

This beautiful jug was hand crafted from a dark stoneware clay body, it has a long accentuated high spout, and little lugs attached to the sides of the spout from which vintage copper wire has been attached and a large ceramic handle is threaded thru.  There's also a little handle at the back of the jug.

This piece has been decorated with a blue crisscross line all the way around the piece, it was also textured with a muslin cloth that can be seen on the body as the satin white glaze accentuates these details beautifully. The glaze inside this vessel makes it fully watertight. It comfortably holds 1 Litre of liquid and pours beautifully.

Approximate measurements: 22.5cm tall x 13cm wide

There are other farmhouse jugs in this series as pictured below also available for sale in a separate listing.

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