Rustic Farmhouse Jug with wired ceramic handles


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Large Farmhouse Rustic Milk Jug with wire ceramic handles

This beautiful jug was hand crafted from a dark stoneware clay body, it was designed in memory of those lovely old milk cans. It has two side clay handles that have wire threaded thru and a beautiful circular ceramic details. The base has been carved with a fluted design.

The inside and outside have been glazed in a satin white finish, the lovely clay body breaking on the edges. This vessel comfortably holds 1 Litre of Liquid, its fully watertight and food safe.

Would also make the most beautiful vase filled with a bunch of flowers picked from the garden or dried blooms or even be used as a canister to hold old wooden spoons by the stove top.

Approximate measurements: 21cm tall x 13cm wide

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