Black rustic jug with wired ceramic handle


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Black rustic jug with wired ceramic handle

Vintage style Farmhouse Jug, handmade from a most beautiful earthy black rustic clay body, that has little white speckles dotted throughout. This jug has a barrel/rounded shape with a big generous spout, it has little lugs formed on either side (made from a brown clay) and a vintage copper wire with a ceramic handle is attached to these.

This vessel has been glazed on the inside with a white satin glaze so its fully watertight and can hold water (800mls capacity) or would make a most gorgeous vase. The outside body has been left raw to show off the lovely surface texture and colour of the clay, you can also see the muslin cloth impression that adds another nice texture.

Measuring approximately: 18.5cm tall x 13cm wide

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