Petal bowls with satin white glaze


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Dainty, pretty and white, these bowls are lovely, inspired by the shapes of rose petals.
This set has some textures on the inside of the petal rim the outside is smooth.

Glazed in a lovely soft satiny white over a white clay body.

These bowls have landed in the Second Chance section only because I didn't notice the tiny one black speck on two of the bowls and the larger bowl has a few tiny raised white bumps on its base. I'm being very picky

One bowl is without a blemish but will remain in this section to make it easier to list.

Largest bowl at front: Measuring approx - 16.5-17cm wide  x 5.5cm high (a few tiny white bumps inside bowl).
Top Left : 14cm-15cm wide x 5cm high (tiny black speck on exterior of bowl)
Top Right: 13.5-14cm wide x 5.5cm high (she's Perfect)
Last image & top of stack (second photo) 10cm wide  x 5cm high (she's a beauty love her shape, tiny black speck on interior)