Rustic patterned trays 27.5cm long x 28cm wide


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Little trays/platters in Grey/white/pink patterns.

These sweet little trays are handmade from a lovely rustic textured brown speckled clay body. Each rectangular tray has a little tab handle on either side for easy gripping.

The trays have been decorated each with a unique design, one has a grey scallop/scale pattern, the other is lines in soft pink and grey.

The bases are un-glazed and sanded.

These platters are the perfect size to have lying about looking fabulous in endless places, think bathroom to hold soap dish and toothbrush holders, kitchens, hallway, bedside and of course to use as a little platter to hold cheeses, fruits, cakes or even perfect as a plate to hold a meal.

Measuring approximately: 27.5cm long x 18cm wide.

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