Rustic gritty plaid platter with cut out circles for easy gripping almost 40cm length


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A handmade rustic platter with cutout circles for easy gripping

Created from a very rustic clay body (a little more so than usual hence landing in second chance).

This lovely shaped platter was designed with the cutout handles to provide easy gripping along with adding a unique quirky difference! It has been decorated with a tartan/plaid pattern in grey/white matte glaze.

The base has been left bare and sanded back.

Measuring approximately: 39.5cm long x 25cm wide

You could fit a lot of beauties on this lovely piece, I'm imagining cheeses, fruits, biscuits, cakes all the yummy things.

*This platter was created with a batch of clay that contained larger than usual organic materials mainly rock, hence the larger dark specks than usual, despite this its still a lovely piece, some of you may actually love this look!


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